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Inktee is a brand new company but has had solid traffic over the past few days bringing in more that 900 member signups.


Our cost is pretty straight forward too: 

Fixed Wix cost of less than $200 a year + $0.016 to generate one image + $0.08 to remove the background. We use a 3rd party print on demand tshirt provider for worldwide fulfillment (all details will be provided upon a sucessful sale). Allowing the owner to be based anywhere around the globe while running the business


Sale includes:

1). Website with the AI art generator

2). All branding materials 

3). Details of all plugins, apps and suppliers used


PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL DURING CHECKOUT (all details will be sent to that email associated). If a mistake has been made with your email, contact us through the website.

Inktee AI (Purchase this website instantly)

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